Title: Five People (or Beings) Who Inhabit the SGC
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Categories: edges of canon
Warnings: none
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Link to story: Five People (or Beings) Who Inhabit the SGC
Why this should be read: Some of these people we know from the show, and others we don't see, but all of these are interesting pictures of what might be happening just around the corner from the cameras. It's one of my favorite five things fics.

Sarah Marsh, who works on the 22th floor with the Potentially Hazardous Materials team, phases in and out of existence.

They think it's a side effect from the artifact from P3X-667 that looks like a lumpy, useless rock and hasn't affected anyone or anything else (as far as they know). Every once in a while, Sarah just disappears; one minute she's sitting in a department meeting staring at her notebook and trying to figure out what to say about her current project to make it sound like she's making progress, and the next she's...nowhere.

Then, seconds or weeks later, she pops back in to the room, still holding the same pencil and blinking at an empty (or not so empty, in a few cases) room.

There's no trigger, and there's no cure.

She's been checked out by all the doctors in the SGC, a few outside with clearance, and three psychologists, just to be on the safe side. She remembers nothing while she's gone, and the doctors currently think she doesn't even age when she's not...around. Sarah's just glad she never had a personal life to begin with, and wishes she could drive a car again.

The Potentially Hazardous Materials team takes care that no one disturbs Sarah's office--ever--just in case, and makes sure to tape any chair she disappears from with some variation of "DO NOT MOVE--MARSH PROTOCOL."

She's also become notorious for hearing all the best gossip. Since the whole phasing thing began, she's single-handedly closed thirteen betting pools. It's amazing what happens when people think they're in an empty room, and Sarah has become very good at ducking under tables surreptitiously.

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