Environmental Factors by Staranise (teen)

  • Mar. 1st, 2013 at 7:39 PM
Title: Environmental Factors
Author's LJ/DWJ:  [personal profile] staranise 
Categories: edges of canon
Warnings: none
Link to story: Environmental Factors
Why this should be read: When the SGC rescues a goa'uld host, people like Helen Meyer oversee their recovery. Helen's one of the psychologists dedicated to studying goa'uld symbiosis and treating PTSD. After years of research, she finally gets to ask: what happens to the rescued hosts from other planets? She's not going to like the answer.

Very interesting and thoughtful look at both what the life of an SGC psychologist is like, and what the general fate of former hosts is.

"All right," she said. "I do have some standard questions to ask you--the same ones I've asked other hosts, to make sure I get the same information from everybody. But you can add anything else you think at any time."

Vala nodded, bouncing slightly in her seat now.  Helen reached over and triple-checked her camcorder's screen, knowing that she'd review the tape innumerable times, questioning her gut instinct.  She used no other props; she'd completely memorized her interview questions months ago. This was going to be one big show of I'm-Fine armor, she thought, as Vala tackled the questions with alacrity and flair.

It felt like she was in the clear, having nailed the first half; the critical incident investigation, of what had helped and hindered recovery, would be a mop-up. "What was your biggest concern, immediately after you were freed from the symbiote?"

"My own people," Vala said bleakly, and Helen discovered she was wrong.


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