N is for Nondisclosure, by Magistrate (PG)

  • Mar. 4th, 2013 at 10:12 AM
Title: N is for Nondisclosure
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] magibrain
Categories: on the edges of canon, character study, ep related, Jonas, Kianna Cyr, angst
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Magistrate on AO3
Link to story: N is for Nondisclosure

Why this should be read: This is a fantastic followup to Fallout: what happened to Kianna Cyr after the Goa'uld was removed, and how she deals with both Jonas, the Kelownans, and the ethical questions in the aftermath. With all the nuance and stellar characterization you expect from Magistrate, this one is a real keeper.

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Meeting of Minds, by SEF (PG)

  • Jul. 25th, 2011 at 11:34 AM
Title: Meeting of Minds
Author's LJ/DWJ: [livejournal.com profile] sef1029
Categories: Sam, Daniel, team, friendship, drama, lost ep
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: SEF at AO3
Link to story: Meeting of Minds

Why this should be read: This wonderful teamy fic is set shortly after Daniel's return at the beginning of S7. SEF deftly weaves canon together, creating an excellent backstory for an intriguing alien race that we only glimpsed on the show. The story challenges our characters with thorny moral dilemmas, a staple of the show at its best; it offers the hint of skeletons in the Asgard closet, which is one of my favorite fic twists for some odd reason; and it's got solid gold teamy goodness, with all four characters working together and displaying true friendship and support under the most trying circumstances.

Off-world exploration, the possibility of major cultural impact on Earth, breathtaking firefights, dramatic and emotional affirmation of SG-1's close bond, fantastic Sam voice – what more could you ask for?

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Fine Spirits, by Julie (PG)

  • Jul. 13th, 2011 at 3:56 PM
Title: Fine Spirits
Author's LJ/DWJ: [livejournal.com profile] splash_the_cat
Categories: team, Teal'c, humor, drama, original character, lost ep
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Moments of Adoration
Link to story: Fine Spirits/feedback on LJ

Why this should be read: To quote the summary: Three Tau'ri and a Jaffa walk into a bar...

S7 teamy goodness, Teal'c backstory, competence, fighting and friendship and just the right dash of humor -- it all adds up to a great lost episode that you're sure to enjoy!

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Fostering Relations, By Aelfgyfu (Teen)

  • Apr. 10th, 2011 at 11:22 PM
Title: Fostering Relations
Author's LJ/DWJ: [livejournal.com profile] aelfgyfu_mead   [personal profile] aelfgyfu_mead
Categories: Kidfic, Team, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: mild language, violence
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Aelfgyfu's Mead Hall
Link to story: Fostering Relations

Why this should be read: Kidfic with a little twist. While I really enjoy many of the standard tropes, it's also fun to read a fic that deconstructs some of them. Plus, this is a satisfying off world story with an emphasis on character relationships, including Janet and Bill Lee. The fic is set in season 7, between "Death Knell" and "Heroes" and deals with some of the repercussions from "Evolution". About 52,000 words.

A desert planet, a Fountain of Youth device, and SG-1; what could possibly go wrong?

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To Catch a Falling Star by Wonderland

  • Mar. 22nd, 2011 at 9:11 PM
Title: To Catch a Falling Star
Author's LJ/DWJ: sg_wonderland
Categories: theme: kidfic, au, tag: Fallen, character: daniel, crossover: NCIS
Warnings: None
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Fic List
Link to story: Wonderland
Why this should be read:

And here's the other fic that stuck with me after my kidfic-spree a few months ago. This is an alternate take on the episode Fallen: about a year after Dr. Daniel Jackson takes his leave of Earth, the NCIS crew come across a young boy lying naked in the middle of a crime scene. Unsure of his identity and connection to the murder, they take him into custody. But how can a little boy have the exact same fingerprints as an MIA civilian consultant to the Air Force?

I love Wonderland's portrayal of downsized!Daniel here. He's obviously affected by the whole amnesia and waking up next to a dead body thing, but he's not overly emotional and in general he acts a lot like how I imagine Daniel as a kid would act. Great reactions by the NCIS crew, too (most of the fic is from their POV), though I confess I'm not terribly familiar with the series.

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Reversal of Fortune by Gemsong

  • Mar. 22nd, 2011 at 5:36 PM
My first rec ever. I'm pretty sure I did it right? :D

Title: Reversal of Fortune
Author's LJ/DWJ: n/a
Categories: kidfic, AU, era: season 7, character: daniel jackson, character: jack o'neill,
Warnings: child abuse (by the bad guys), mentions of Daniel/Sha're
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Gemsong's Stargate Fanfiction
Link to story: Website, fanfiction.net
Why this should be read:

Here's a kid!Jack fic with an Ancient twist. SG-1 is on a mission off-world when Jack gets on the wrong side of some Ancient technology and ends up about 6 years old, missing a lot of memories, and unable to speak anything but Ancient. We follow our heroes as they try to adjust to this changed Jack and deal with interest from both their own government and less corporeal people.

It's fluffy and angsty by turns. There's a strong focus on Jack and Daniel throughout the fic, with a definite father/son dynamic that evolves throughout. The thing that kept me reading, though, was the slow reveal of exactly what Jack knows and can do now that his head's been messed with (again) by the Ancients. All this adds up to a kidfic that should keep you interested until the very end.

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Gravity, By splash_the_cat (PG)

  • Oct. 2nd, 2010 at 11:05 PM
Title: Gravity
Author's LJ/DWJ: [livejournal.com profile] splash_the_cat  /  [personal profile] splash_the_cat
Categories: AU, Jacob, Cassie, Team, Drama, Angst, Season 7
Warnings: snakes
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Moments of Adoration
Link to story: Gravity or text version: Gravity

Why this should be read: This fic was written as the second "episode" for Chrysalis, a Stargate virtual mini-season (7.5) which begins with the assumption that Janet Fraiser was badly wounded in Heroes II, but is alive. That's all you need to know to read this story, which worked well for me as a stand alone AU. It's a tense exploration of what SG-1, Jacob, Hammond and Cassie might be willing to do to save Janet's life. And because I knew that this story was an AU, I really couldn't guess how it would be resolved.

Episode 2 for Chrysalis (go to Chrysalis page for Episode 1); To save one life, how much would you sacrifice?

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Realignment, by Elishevah (PG)

  • Mar. 9th, 2010 at 7:39 PM
Hey! We've got 100 subscribers here at [community profile] sg1genrecs! ::does little dance:: Don't forget, feel free to rec a story any time. :)

Title: Realignment
Author's LJ/DWJ: [livejournal.com profile] elishevah
Categories: theme: Daniel friendship, team, Jack and Daniel friendship, character study
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Life Like Art
Link: Realignment

Why this should be read: This lovely story, set after Daniel's descension, is full of joy and friendship and the team's rooting for Daniel to have his sense of wonder back again. There's smart!Jack and lovely banter and a fastastical setting, and it will make you feel all warm and happy inside... just like Daniel and his friends.

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"Fine Spirits", by splash_the_cat (PG)

  • Feb. 15th, 2010 at 7:17 PM
Title: "Fine Spirits"
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] splash_the_cat
Categories: Team, Action, Adventure, Season 7
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Moments of Adoration
Link to story: "Fine Spirits"
Why this should be read: This is a fun team adventure, one of those 'it could have been an episode' fics. (Except with better writing, and possibly more livestock). Written for a ficathon, the request was: Teal'c meets an old friend.

Three Tau'ri and a Jaffa walk into a bar...
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Bad Pennies, by Salieri (G)

  • Jan. 26th, 2010 at 8:08 PM
Title: Bad Pennies
Author's LJ/DWJ: [livejournal.com profile] troyswann
Categories: theme: crossovers, team, humor
Warnings: crossover with MacGuyver
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Outside the Box
Link to story: Bad Pennies

Why this should be read: This entertaining story is just plain fun, as MacGuyver and SG-1 cross paths in Central America, both trying to rescue the same jaguar from various bad guys. There's delightful MacGuyver POV as we see the team through his baffled eyes, a bomb made out of tissues and Daniel's antihistamines, the resemblance that everyone sees except Jack and MacGuyver... and the almost plaintive refrain of, "Seriously, what's a Tok'ra?"

A great romp with the team, with Ba'al thrown in for good measure. I defy you to read this without a big grin on your face.

It took me a few more seconds to light the fuse on the packet and to let the string burn to the right length. In that time, Daniel said to the cat, "Just hang on. We're going to get you out of here." The cat stared at him with an expression that communicated absolutely no confidence at all. Why I thought that, I couldn't tell you.

Son of Endless Sky, by Rydra Wong (PG-13)

  • Dec. 28th, 2009 at 11:33 PM
Don't forget, we're currently running the favorite fic theme. It doesn't have to be your single favorite fic (I have over 30 of those myself), but rather a story that you love to read over and over and again. I hope some of you will take the time to rec your favorite fic and share the squee with others.

Title: Son of Endless Sky
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] rydra_wong
Categories: theme: favorite fic, Jack and Daniel friendship, Daniel, character study, original character
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: fic tag
Link to story: Son of Endless Sky

Why this should be read: Rydra Wong gives us one of the most beautifully rendered original characters I’ve ever read.

Shortly after Daniel’s decension, the team meets a group of native traders who recognize that he has died and come back to life. They maintain that he is dangerous, belonging to neither earth nor sky; and they insist that Daniel allows them to provide him with a literal grounding, to keep his spirit safely within his unmarked body that was once nothing more than light.

You will be charmed by the one-paragraph complete story of little Bao, and Daniel’s quiet, gracious acceptance of what the natives ask. You will be moved by the profundity of the artist’s insights into SG-1, and the inherent beauty and pain in what he senses about Daniel’s past and how he writes that essence on Daniel’s body. Most of all, you will come away from this enchanting, haunting story with a sense of conviction that the traders are right – and that ephemeral Daniel does, indeed, require tangibility to keep himself anchored in our world.

(Regarding pairings: The fic is essentially gen; although the unnamed narrator observes the close relationship between Jack and Daniel and wonders about its nature, subtext is left up to the reader. The fic is a remix of [info]brainofck’s Pervasive Local Obsidian, though, which is Jack/Daniel, so the fic is officially labeled as “Jack/Daniel implied/UST.”)

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The Only Winning Move, by Synecdochic (PG)

  • Aug. 18th, 2009 at 4:20 PM
Title: The Only Winning Move
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] synecdochic
Categories: Dangerous Daniel, team banter, humour
Warnings: has plot twists, very minor violence, and may cause keyboard damage if you try to drink while reading. (I don't think she gives it a rating or warning)
Author's Webpage/Fic list: link
Link to story: story
Why this should be read: Because SG-1 does indead pwn everyone. It has the team being awesome, it is great fun, and SG-1 rock. Also, don't read it at work, because it will make you laugh out loud.

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