Title: Podfic of In Dulci Jubilo; written by Salieri, read by Aces
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] troyswann / [personal profile] aces
Categories: Sam, other media, character study, original charactesr, team, Janet, friendship
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Salieri's Outside The Box
Link to story: links to podfic and text

Why this should be heard: This long and lush character study is simply gorgeous: Sam and her perspectives on the world, affected by close contact with a fascinating alien race, and filtered through the comfort and unwavering support of her teammates and friends. It's adult in the best sense of the word: intelligent, thoughtful, challenging. Aces does a stunning job of turning it into podfic, and this is half an hour of quality SG-1 at its best.

C is for Child by izhilzha

  • Nov. 13th, 2011 at 12:47 PM
Title: C is for Child
Author's LJ/DWJ:  [livejournal.com profile] izhilzha 
Categories: Janet Fraiser, Samantha Carter, Female friendship, Janet friendship
Warnings: None
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Masterlist of Fanfiction
Link to story: C is for Child
Why this should be read:

C is for Child is a bittersweet ficlet that sets the stage for Cassie in Singularity. When Janet faces the possibility of pregnancy, it's Sam she turns to for support and friendship. Both women are in character, and it's very easy to see them bonding like this over lunches. The ending is perfect.

snippet of fic... )

New World, by Penknife (G)

  • Jan. 9th, 2011 at 10:40 AM
Title: New World
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] penknife
Categories: Cassie, Sam and Janet friendship
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Penknife at AO3
Link to story: New World

Why this should be read: I read this and loved it and told myself I must rec it immediately. :)

Gorgeous three-way conversation between Cassie, Janet, and Sam, immediately after Singularity when Cassie is trying to figure out the best way to approach her new life, Janet is trying to figure out her new role as guardian, and Sam is trying to figure out the best way to be there for them both. Charming, perfectly in character, and touched with just the right amount of light humor -- this one is definitely a keeper!

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