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Name:SG-1 Gen Fic Recs
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:spreading gen squee!
There is a wealth of quality SG-1 gen fic out there, but it can be hard to find! If you've got a favorite gen story, please post a recommendation here so that other gen fans can enjoy it, too.

This is not the place to promote your own fics; there are plenty of other venues for that. Please rec other people's work only.

Please use the following format to post a rec:

In the subject line, type: Title, by Author (rating) [example: SG-1 Pwns the Universe, by NumberOneFan (PG)]

<b>Author's LJ/DWJ:</b>
<b>Author's Webpage/Fic list:</b>
<b>Link to story:</b>
<b>Why this should be read:</b>

<cut text="snippet of fic...">

For more detailed instructions on how to post, please read the FAQ.

While all gen recs are always welcome, the comm often features themes for specific types of recs.

Questions or comments can be left by the FAQ post or e-mailed to sg1.fig at gmail.

The comm has been silent for a long time now, I'm afraid, but please do remember that any gen recs will be warmly welcomed at any time. If you read a story you'd like to recommend to others, please post!

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