Title: Podfic of In Dulci Jubilo; written by Salieri, read by Aces
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] troyswann / [personal profile] aces
Categories: Sam, other media, character study, original charactesr, team, Janet, friendship
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Salieri's Outside The Box
Link to story: links to podfic and text

Why this should be heard: This long and lush character study is simply gorgeous: Sam and her perspectives on the world, affected by close contact with a fascinating alien race, and filtered through the comfort and unwavering support of her teammates and friends. It's adult in the best sense of the word: intelligent, thoughtful, challenging. Aces does a stunning job of turning it into podfic, and this is half an hour of quality SG-1 at its best.

Truth in Fiction, by Cleo the Muse (G)

  • May. 29th, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Title: Truth in Fiction
Author's LJ/DW: [personal profile] cleothemuse
Categories: value of Vala, female friendship, humor, character study
Warnings: none
Author's Website: www.cleothemuse.net
Link to story: Truth in Fiction

Why this should be read: Vala discovers trashy romance novels on a shopping spree with Sam, and the two women share some unexpectedly serious reflections. Great fun, sparkling characterization, and an excellent read!

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Vala Alphabet Soup, by Various (PG-13)

  • May. 23rd, 2012 at 2:19 PM
Title: Vala Alphabet Soup
Author's LJ/DWJ: n/a
Categories: valuable Vala, ep related, character study, friendship, humor, angst, drama, pre-series, post-series
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: n/a
Link to story: Vala Alphabet Soup

Why this should be read: It might be cheating a little to rec the Soup as a whole, especially since I organize the Soups and have actually written one of the fics. :) But here's a chance to read twenty-six great Vala fics at once, by 25 different authors! These are funny and painful and insightful and fluffy and thoughtful in turns, and you'll enjoy every last one of them. Don't forget to follow the links to the authors' individual journals and leave them feedback!

List of female friendship recs; what next?

  • Jan. 8th, 2012 at 1:11 PM
The comm has been quiet for too long! I kept hoping for more female friendship recs, but here's the list:

Of Belonging to Another, by Isabelle (PG-13)

Scotoma, by Rydra Wong (PG-13)

C is for Child by izhilzha

Thanks to [personal profile] rbmifan for her contribution. :)

I'll be posting a new theme this week. I welcome any suggestions. Don't forget that anyone can post gen recs at any time, whether or not they fit the current theme.
Title: Of Belonging to Another
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] pellucid
Categories: female friendship, awesome women, Sam, Vala, Sarah Gardener, angst, character study
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list: SG-1 fic tag
Link to story: Of Belonging to Another

Why this should be read: This is the kind of story we never get on the show: the aftermath of events, picking up the pieces of a shattered life. Here is Sam, Vala, and Sarah Gardener, in a meeting of the Ex-Hosts Club. Honest, painful, poignant, and well worth reading.

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Scotoma, by Rydra Wong (PG-13)

  • Nov. 16th, 2011 at 4:01 PM
Title: Scotoma
Author's LJ/DWJ: [personal profile] rydra_wong
Categories: female friendship, awesome women, Sha're, Sam, Janet, drama, angst, AU, character study
Warnings: none
Author's Webpage/Fic list:
Link to story: Scotoma

Why this should be read: This stunning AU has Sha're rescued in S6, while Daniel is Ascended. Not only is Sha're powerfully and amazingly herself -- determined, intelligent, with her own cultural perspective -- but the friendship that springs up between her and Sam is wonderful, honest, and real. This is one of my favorite stories, and a real keeper.

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C is for Child by izhilzha

  • Nov. 13th, 2011 at 12:47 PM
Title: C is for Child
Author's LJ/DWJ:  [livejournal.com profile] izhilzha 
Categories: Janet Fraiser, Samantha Carter, Female friendship, Janet friendship
Warnings: None
Author's Webpage/Fic list: Masterlist of Fanfiction
Link to story: C is for Child
Why this should be read:

C is for Child is a bittersweet ficlet that sets the stage for Cassie in Singularity. When Janet faces the possibility of pregnancy, it's Sam she turns to for support and friendship. Both women are in character, and it's very easy to see them bonding like this over lunches. The ending is perfect.

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We've been running an open comm for the last six weeks or so. Many thanks to those who recced while I've been mostly away! Here's the list:

recs from Paian and Hathor Girl )

Time for a new theme! This time, we're going with female friendship. This isn't quite the same as our awesome women theme, although I won't be surprised if they overlap a bit. :) We want recs of stories that feature the friendship between women, including original or SGA characters. Sam and Janet, Carolyn and Vala, Gairwyn and Thilana (if such a story exists, PLEASE rec it! or write it, even!) -- if it features two women sharing a friendship, we want to see it recced here!

Feel free to refresh your memory of the comm rules at the FAQ before posting. Official format is included in the FAQ entry and on thecomm's profile page. If you choose to tag your own entry (you don't have to do so), please include the theme: female friendship tag as well as any others that you find appropriate. And if you need a tag that isn't yet available, please comment and let me know.